Samus Shins Tutorial


Start with a pair of field hockey shin guards.  This will be used as a template for the front of the shin pieces.  Remove, all the velcro, netting, and padding, only leaving the plastic shin shapes.


Next, add the pointy part of the kneecap, and fill in the top part missing.


Using the foil technique, extract the shin shape and transpose it onto EVA foam.


Using the foil technique, extract the calf shape and transpose onto EVA foam.  This approach can be used alternatively to extract the entire front and back of leg shape.  (In my build, I didn’t consider the foil technique until after I built the shinguards)


Result should look like the following.  Note that the stencil was broken up to 4 pieces, to make the lines that exist on the power suit.


Using a heatgun, heat and bend shin piece until it fits flush on the leg.  Attach pointy parts of the knees.


Apply a layer of plastidip, primer, and paint.


Using Rare Earth Metal Magnets, connect the shin pieces to the calf piece.  Lastly, drill a hole on the back of the shin pieces and place an LED in it.