Samus Shoes Tutorial


Begin with a pair of dress shoes.  It doesn’t matter what color they are, the original color will be hidden in the end.


Start by wrapping a piece of paper around the heel portion of the shoe.  Attach wings to as above.


Attach the “pointy” part of the tougue.  Ensure shoe laces are tucked inside the shoes.  The shoelaces will still be accessible in the end.


Next, attach a triangular piece to the front of the pointy piece made before.


Next, attach a strip that extends to the end of the toe.


Next, attach slide pieces.


Slide pieces cont’d.


Lastly, attached a piece in the middle of the shoes to fill the remaining gaps.


Now that the stencils have been constructed, glue the heel piece with the wings to the back of the shoe.  This piece will be not attach to any other piece in the next steps to allow proper bending and natural foot movement.


Next, for the front section, glue the front section of the shoe as above.  This section will not be glued to any other part of the shoe to allow for natural toe bending and walking.


A view of both shoes after the heel and toe pieces are glue together.


Now, glue the middle piece on, see picture above.  With this “three-piece” approach, it should be easy to naturally walk, run, and jump.

IMG_5393Prime, paint, and it is ready to go.